Pursuing Genuine Relationships with People and God


Join Us Every Sunday at 10am

in person or online!




Listening Prayer + Prophetic Words
Every Wedneday at 8:28pm
Zoom.us | Meeting ID: 891 3604 4561 | Passcode: 209524

Meet Alpha 
Every Friday through 9/30 from 6:30 - 8pm, in person at Authentic Church
The Alpha Course is a free 6-week course where you can ask the big questions of life. Free food!

Investing in Each Generation

Authentic Church offers programs and activities for all ages and grade levels. We recognize the unique desires and needs in each season of life and aim to honor the calling of God on each individual, family, and generation.


Growing Together in Faith

Feel Jesus’ presence through the company of our family at Authentic Church in San Francisco. As a ministry, our focus is on building a strong community of people who share the same purpose of becoming unapologetically themselves while daring to tenaciously love others as Jesus did.