Brave Church is about Jesus. We understand how easy it is to become more about preferences, care too much about what people think and let finances determine the vision. We seek to avoid this kind of thinking.

We don't claim to have all the answers, but we're committed to creating the kind of church Jesus came to start.

Pastor Samuel Laws is our lead pastor, he and Pastor Marcy are the parents of 3 beautiful girls, they have a huge heart for the Bay Area and helping people grow in their faith.

Investing in Each Generation

Authentic Church offers programs and activities for all ages and grade levels. We recognize the unique desires and needs in each season of life and aim to honor the calling of God on each individual, family, and generation.


Growing Together in Faith

Feel Jesus’ presence through the company of our family at Authentic Church in San Francisco. As a ministry, our focus is on building a strong community of people who share the same purpose of becoming unapologetically themselves while daring to tenaciously love others as Jesus did.