Hope for People International

Hope for People International is a non-profit Christian organization committed to bringing hope to the underserved people of India through education, medical care and spiritual training.

Subamma’s Story Video

As a poor, Untouchable village girl in eastern India, Subamma had no hopes of an education or future. Sold in marriage at age 6, her life was one of misery and abuse. At age 40, barren and unloved, she tried to drown herself, but at the river’s edge, a missionary happened to witness her distress and told her about the love of Jesus. Subbamma believed and experienced an instant healing in her womb. Filled with new faith, she returned to her husband, and he, too believed. Not long after, she had two sons, started a successful lacemaking business, opened the first school the Untouchables had ever known, and provided for hundreds of orphans and widows. Subbammas miracles never ceased and continue to this day as living proof that Gods healing power and love brings new life and hope to any who are lost and hopeless.

Hope for People Programs


Bringing Christ-centered, English teaching to the poor and marginalized



Providing compassionate medical care to the hurting



Offering Biblical teaching, worship and the light of Christ



Mentoring and equipping the next generation of servant leaders