Greg Chisholm

Senior Pastor
The Lord blessed me when He called me to pastor Authentic Church (formerly Temple Baptist) family in July 2005. I grew up in the Castro Valley, CA in a loving but troubled family. God supernaturally called me into a relationship with Him in Dec 1982. At that moment, I made a commitment to follow Him every day of my life. A great journey!
Wendy and I met at Bible school and married in the summer of 1987 between our 2nd and 3rd year. We have always enjoy saying yes to God and the adventures that obedience brings. Wendy is a prophetic teacher and pastor. She is a person of passion and justice. God blessed us with our daughter in March 2000. Zhita is a woman of excellence who is a seerer and lover of God and people. 

Wendy Chisholm

I grew up in Los Angeles and became a believer when I was 18 years old. Instantly the Lord gave me a hunger for the word and a radical faith. As a child of the ’60s I lived through a racially volatile time in our history. The season etched in my soul an appreciation for the beauty of diversity in community, a hunger for creative solutions to resolve conflict, and a heart for justice and liberty. I love the consciousness of this City and am excited to partner with the Lord in the good works He has set before us here.
I am so thankful for my husband Greg and feel privileged to watch from the best seat in the house his phenomenal leadership that loves extravagantly. We have been married for over 30 years and have a beautiful daughter Zhita, who is the joy of my life. We love the Authentic Church community and feel honored to live life with these awesome people.

Colleen James Howell

Worship Minister
When God called me into worship ministry at Authentic Church He showed me that I was stepping into the destiny he had prepared for me since I was a young child. This was an important revelation because up to that point I was totally unaware that this was part of His plan for me! And in His great kindness, He planted me and my family in the most welcoming, supportive, and loving church community we could have imagined. It is an honor to be entrusted with leading God’s people in worship at Authentic Church and I look forward to more of what God has in store!
I was raised in Upland, California and met Ryan while attending Westmont College in Santa Barbara. We married in 1999 and moved to San Francisco in 2007. We have two daughters Kathleen and Carolyn. In my free time (haha!) I love to read, garden, cook, and spend time with friends and family.

Gaelle Jeune

Youth Ministry Associate

Hello, my name is Gaelle.  I am an immigrant and Haitian-American woman who grew up in a Housing Development. I was not expected to succeed in anything.  My own high school counselor told me I was not qualified to get into college. Two words that have forever transformed my life was, “But God”. I am a God-fearing woman and because of this I am able to live in the fruition of God’s faithfulness.

I graduated with a degree in Youth Ministry from Evangel University and have begun to fulfill the call on my life to do youth ministry.  I love walking alongside students and giving them Christ centered guidance as they grow in Him. I am both blessed and honored to have the opportunity to serve in the Authentic Church community and am I looking forward to how God will minister to and through me!